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Larry Krotz,
through a career as a writer and a film maker, has explored the ways our actions affect our world. Widely traveled, he has become well acquainted with Canada’s north, including numerous First Nations communities, and the African countries of Kenya, Zimbabwe and Angola. Over the years his films, including Searching for Hawa’s Secret for the National Film Board of Canada, have won awards and been aired on Canadian and American television.

Getting to Know Northern Ontario

For a couple of years I went on an adventure. Northern Ontario is a vast territory, bigger than France and Germany combined with a widely scattered population, only 10 percent of that of the rest of the province. The area is rich in forests, minerals, scenery and hardy marvellous people. My project was to research a book about the transforming of healthcare across this many-facetted region.
Twenty five years ago communities across the north were having the same difficulties many rural and remote areas have in attracting and keeping doctors. The solution, they decided, was to train their own. The result is the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. With campuses in Thunder Bay and Sudbury, NOSM now graduates sixty new physicians every year an astonishing 95% of whom remain to serve their home communities – rural, Indigenous, francophone.
It was a privilege to be commissioned to tell the story of how this unique institution came into being and what its existence has meant to the unfolding story of Canada. The book’s sub-title tells it all: how the 800,000 people of Northern Ontario invented their own school of medicine, and what it has meant.

NOTHING ORDINARY: the story of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine
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is now published by Cormorant Books and available in bookstores and libraries everywhere. A French language translation is in the works. As well, the school last year became renamed NOSM University and, by provincial legislation, became Canada’s first and only independent medical school.
Nothing Ordinary | Cormorant Books
Nothing Ordinary | CBC Books

Researching and writing such books is a skill and service I’m excited to make available to those in the worlds of medicine, science, academia and even business who have extraordinary stories to tell and feel an urgency to get those stories recorded. Please find me through my contact page.

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